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  Sumalak Dance Group

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Song & dance ensemble "Sumalak" was founded in 1982 on the base of the Music School named after T. Jalilov attached to Folklore Dance Department in Andijan city. In May of 1986 our group participated in celebration of “Culture Days of Andijan city” in Yambol city, People’s Republic of Bulgaria. In February 1987 “Sumalak” had traveled all the way from Andijan to Horog city(Pamir) among the Osh highway, honoring 70-armed Forces of the USSR. In 1987 “Sumalak”gave concerts in all countries of Former Sovier Union(Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan and Tadjikistan,Kazahstan). In 1988 “Sumalak” was honored with title “People’s Ensemble of the Republic”.

In the same year it became the Laureate of All-Union Festival of Folklore. In 1989 celebration of the 30 anniversary of Soviet-Afghan friendship “Sumalak” visited Kabul, Afghanistan as a part of official government delegation. Afghanistan leadership had rewarded us in the face of USSR ambassador Pastukhova with medals “From thankful Afghanistan people” and pointing that :”Sumalak” was the only group from the former USSR which had been rewarded with these medals, specifically emphasizing professionalism and strict discipline of the ensemble. In 1990 the Ministry of Culture of the Republic sent “Sumalak” to Chelyabinsk city for participating on the 3 All-Union Festival of Folklore. Out of 57 collectives of the former USSR was one of the seventh best groups of the USSR and was rewarded with the trip to France. In 1991 Ensemble performed in a high level in Dijon, France. American representatives of “Folkmoot” – organization with the high prestige and esteemin the world –had chosen “Sumalak” out of 28 ensembles of the world. Our Ensemble was invited to America in 1992. In 1992 the big international festivals were held in North Carolina,where“Sumalak” had a great triumph. In 1994 “Sumalak” participated on the International Festivals on Corsica island, Martigue city and also resort cities of Azure Coast. In 1997 the ensemble “Sumalak” was invited to “Golden Festival” in Pakistan , where it was recognized as the best choreographic group. In 1998 a tour to Japan . in 1999 were held festivals in cities of South Korea . In 2000-2002 there was a tour on Japan, where they opened a new school of Uzbek national dance on the basis of “Sumalak” at the Turkish Cultural centre,Kashiwadzaki city(prefeture of Niigata). There is a Choreography School on the base of the Ensemble which consists of 5 groups by 25-30 school children. On the base of the School children‘s professional ensemble “Balli kizlar” was created.