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  Rodhioghar Nepal

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The Country of Mount Everest - Nepal is also recognized all over the world by its oldest cultural heritage. Even though the country is very small it has ethnic, cultural and geographical diversity. Due to this, here in Nepal each different ethnic group has their own culture, custom, tradition, music and dances. The country itself is a melting pot of folklore, folk dances, folk music, modern songs and classical music. In this modern age it is very essential to preserve and promote such traditional folk/classical dances. This necessity was realized by a group of various Nepalese artists and the institute took a birth namedRODHIGHAR NEPAL, a Folk Dance & Musical Group.

In order to preserve and conserve the Nepalese traditional classical, modern , folk music and dances in National and International arena, RODHIGHAR NEPAL was established in year 2005 and registered in 2008 as a non profitable, non governmental cultural organization with an approval and recognition of Government of Nepal. (Government Registrar No. 696)

The most of the promoter of this group are senior Veteran Folk/Classical artists of Nepal who have been participating an performing in a various cultural programs at various parts of country and in International folk festivals as well.

To achieve our objectives and for the development of international cultural exchange, brotherhood, friendship and courtesy & if you need any further documents and promotional materials like CD, Photos of our dance and music group.