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  • The Beijing International Tourism Festival (BITF) will be on Sept 13-17, 2013


  • The China Luoyang Heluo Culture Tourism Festival (LCTF) will be on Sept 19-24, 2013


  • Shanghai Tourism Festival (STF) will be on Sept 13-18, 2013



General information of performance arrangement:


They include Rehearsal, Standing performance and Marching Parade in the Opening Ceremony, and Public Performances. The Rehearsal: Aim to manage your program, music, costumes etc for the opening ceremony of next day. The Standing performance: It is in front of VIP area. Around 2 minutes program for each ensemble. National leaders will present. TV show in live to whole China. Musical accompaniment must be recorded both in CD and USB-stick. This performance must be the best because your performance will be telecasted by TV in live through whole China. The Marching Parade: After the Standing Performance, you will have parade along the road to perform till the end. The distance will be 1-2 km according to the venue of Opening Ceremony. Musical accompaniment must be recorded both in CD and USB-stick. You may compose different music and total length can be over 20-30 minutes. This music will be played in a portable sound system which is following with your parade. USB-Stick is the best way to avoid the influence of bumpiness when system moves on the ground.  The Public Performances (2 ~ 3 times):   The places are arranged in city. You will be arranged with other groups from different countries to perform together. Each group can perform 2-3 programs. Your musical accompaniment should be recorded both in CD and USB-stick. You may compose different music together. The total length cannot be more than 20 minutes totally. The Music instruments:   The Standing Performance must use the recorded music accompaniment because of the wild performing area and electric sound system will be provided, if your group needs music instruments to perform. But the Public Performances can use music instrument to play lively. The band (such as Pipe band, Orchestra, Drum & Trumpet Corps, Brass Band etc) won’t have to provide recorded music.  Group size:  BITF can have maximum 40 persons in each group generally. Luoyang and Shanghai won’t have such limitation. 



How to Apply:


Please contact with us for requiring the Form of Application (e-mail:


Please send the group introduction, Photos and videos of your group;We will send you the form of Name List for which we can make the hotel booking and purchase the Tourist Accident Insurance; The Organizing Committee of festival will check your information and then issuing the Official letter of Invitation if your group is accepted. That invitation letter is the final confirmation of acceptance to your group;If you apply more than 1 festival, you should get all invitation letters from different organizing committees because they are independent.