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  Ballet Folklorico Del Valle

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Our Foundation was created with goal to externalize through contemporary dance and dramatic representation, the rescue of ethnic cultural identity of Santiago de Cali city, region of Valle del Cauca, Colombia country in general.

The Colombia country has richness ethnic and cultural, as evidenced in the many manifestations of an artistic nature that is generated along our territory. However, modernism shows no mercy to the rich history and folklore of our country, which is threatened by the lack of professionals dedicated to research and the preservation of our heritage.


Thus, our foundation works for the preservation cultural, getting involved in the artistic projection of it, using for that purpose elements of classical ballet, neoclassical, experimental, modern and folk, techniques that are indispensable in our staging.



The Ballet Folklórico del Valle had the opportunity to work in scenes of great recognition and prestige in the Cali city, other cities of Colombia and outside the country.



Santiago de Cali

? Teatro Jorge Isaacs - (2002).

? Teatro Municipal Enrique Buenaventura - (2003).

? Centro Cultural Comfandi - (2005).

? Centro de Cultura “Multi Culti” –Música para el Mundo - (2004).


Bogotá D.C.

? Teatro Nacional La Castellana - (2005).

? Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro - (2006).


En San Juan de Pasto

? Auditorio Cultural Antonio José Rodríguez - (2003).


En Barranquilla

? Festival Nacional de Danza Narrativa Estefanía Caicedo. Instituto Pestalozzi – (2004).


En Peru

? Grupo invitado por la Universidad del Valle - (2006).



The body of dancers and actors of the Ballet Folklórico del Valle is composed of adults and young living in vulnerable areas the city of Santiago de Cali. This wonderful team of professionals passionate about dance and acting arts offer their talent, passion, knowledge and energy to this foundation that has no financial support from any private or state. This involves working in the few open spaces and in unconventional schedules outside on their working lives, academic, career and family.



Despite economic constraints, the wealth is in our hearts and every staging of our group is a gift to the artistic talents of our people and the beauty of our cultural.

Many of us come from poor areas and complex social realities. Our mission is to bring Colombian culture to places and forgotten communities in our city and also promote the social work so that every time we are more people working for the same reason, because everyone should know the beauty of Colombian culture. Great challenge of our lives is contribute to building a better society through art and love for culture.


The techniques and methodologies developed by Ballet Folklorico del Valle in each of its productions and interpretations are the result of a long process of learning and training in various dance schools and dance company training workshops, dramatic and physical culture in the country.

This process has been in charge of the direction of Maestro Luis Eduardo Zambrano, manager of the proposals choreographed for the Ballet Folklorico del Valle. That relied on the techniques of classical ballet, modern, neoclassical, experimental, dramatic training elements and the plastic arts, whose experience has been merged with everyday life and sensuality of the Colombian people, offering magnificent creations and stage rich in color and visual impact.


The body of dancers and musicians of Ballet Folklórico del Valle is in constant process of learning and training because we know that is the only way to be better every day