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  Lepota Russian Folk

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Ensemble Lepota

Russian Folk

LEPOTA is a vocal ensemble, performing Russian folk music in authentic village style. Ensemble Lepota has a repertoire of Russian village music of different traditions and styles. Having introduced western audiences to Russian traditional music, the Ensemble has become a figure of Berlins world music culture.

LEPOTA was founded in October, 2008, in Berlin as a vocal ensemble for Russian folk music.  It is made up of seven musicians from three countries (Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan), who have been studying traditional Russian culture for many years. Our work is based on authentic recordings of village songs and chants that we collected from archives or on field research trips through rural Russia. 
For many centuries, these folk songs were an essential component of village life in Russia and were handed down orally from one generation to the next. The last generation to have taken active part in this tradition is now over 80 years old. Many of these songs are no longer heard, not even in rural areas. Our aim is to preserve this unique musical culture and keep it alive in a modern, urban context. 
A performance by LEPOTA is far more than just a concert. It’s a journey back through centuries of Russian village life.  Many of the songs in our repertoire were originally sung for the major holidays or festivals such as Easter or weddings. Others were customary for festivals marking the changing of the seasons, like mid-summer or thanksgiving.  Some of the songs are performed a cappella to a dance, while others are accompanied by authentic folk instruments such as the overtone flute, the Russian ocarina, the jaw harp and balalaika. 
LEPOTA is a creative Project based on the latest results of research by folklorists and ethnomusicologists. We sing in the old regional dialects of Russia and appear in concert wearing magnificent traditional costumes, some of which are over 100 years old. 


LEPOTA had performance on different places: music clubs, music hall, open-air stages, theatre stages, street performances. Group has programs:

  • Folk music of Russia
  • Folk-Jelka
  • Russian Carnival
  • Rite of Spring
  • Russian Wedding
  • Workshop in traditional Singing, Dancing and Crafts