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  Cultural & Ecological Association of Perea

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The Ecological and Cultural Association of Perea comes from Perea Thessaloniki, 20 kilometres away from the centre of Thessaloniki. It was established in 1992 and has meanwhile more than 500 members. The association offers various activities such like for example traditional Greek dances group, European and modern dance courses, amateur theatre team, meditation team and ballet team. Additionally, it retains a library as well as disposes a rich wardrobe of Greek traditional costumes (Thrace, Macedonian, Minor Asia and Kapadokia, Hyperous and Greek Islands.)

 Since 1992, Ecological and Cultural Association of Perea have taken part in many traditional dance festivals. The members of the traditional Greek dance group present dances from all regions of Greece at festivals in their home country and abroad.

Among other things, they have already performed in Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, German, Sicily and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Moreover, the association’s work has been broadcasted on Greek television.

 The main goals of the association is to preserve and maintain Greek traditions and to pass the unique cultural heritage on to the next generations, because, the future wouldn’t be as creative and promising without the appreciation of the past.