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  Folk dance ensemble

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Just like willow our ensemble is young verdant, twined by the vibrant songs melodies, swaying in the dancersrsquo; whirlwind... An unknown little sprout was planted in 1957 as a circle of associates of radio factory. During the first decade of activity it was led by outsting choreographers like Z. Poliupsaitis, A. Bukauskas, V. Cepreckas, R. Tamutis, K. Motuza, A. Aleksynas, Z. Rimdeika, J. Dainius with 60 members gave more that 500 performances. Only in 1974 this little plant was recognized as willow [lit. zilvitis]. A famous choreographerDanute Petrauskait came to lead the group. Alongside the dance group vocal instrumental groups lead by Z. Abromaityte-Petkiene; V. Kliucinskas were established. In this decade ensemble participated on various competitions, visited different countries. The time of political economical upheavals after the announcement of Lithuanian indipendency were difficult for the ensemble too. However bravery, dedication hard work determined the lasting life of the Willow. In 1997 the ensemble was accepted by the Vytautas Magnus University. After that glorious times has begun. Zilvitis has won the most important national competitions "Aukso paukste" "Kadagys". Now the willow is raised by the Art director leader of the dance group Edgaras Snipaitis, leader of the Vocal group Roma Paulauskiene, leaders of the orchestra Justinas Buta Jurga Senkute. The ensemble is steady participant of various events organized by University, City District Municipalities, Kaunas Centre of the Culture, Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre as well as of international festivals.