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  Nepaaya Lok Kala Manch

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Nepa~Laya Lok Kala Manch is non- government, non-profit making organization been formed by a group of Nepalese artist to develop the local cultural heritage of Nepal. The organization is formed on 2005. The target of the group is to promote and preserve Nepalese cultures of various ethnic groups.

We are interested to participate in the International Folklore Festivals to have an cultural exchanges between every nations.

SHYABRU : In the language of the Sherpa people who live in the high Himalayan slopes of northern Nepal. Shyab means feel and 'ru' means movement rhythm, so the dance Shyabru means 'rhythm feel. The Sherpas are brave intrepid people known world over as superb mountaineer. They live hardly lives and lace unimaginable hardship with courage and a smile.


DHIME : Jyapu community from the Newar community of Kathmandu and Jyapu are famous as well as hard worker for agriculture product. During the festival time either special function of them, Jyapu peoples are dancing with the music of Dhime also this Jyapu communities are popular as well as dancer of Nepal. So Dhime dance is typical dance belong to Jyapu community of Kathmandu valley which is performed during the festival and after they reap the good harvest.

TAMANG SELO : Tamang Community performs this dance in the hilly area. They are like Sherpas and are quite brave. By tradition they are also good fighters are hard workers specially was popular for woodcutter. This dance itself shown the fiats and fun these people rejoice in. This dance is performed in accompaniment of the playing of a hand drum named Dampho and hence the dance.