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  Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Ensemble

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The name Lahing Kayumanggi is laden with historical significance. It literally means 'Brown Race' and it can be seen as an affirmation of cultural and national identity reaching back to the ancient Malayan culture. However, it is not merely a racial concept or an assertion of apartness, for the Filipino heritage as it has evolved through the ages, has been enriched by the contribution of other races, and other cultures.

LK Dance Company was formed, in April 1994, through a common goal of promoting Filipino culture and heritage through dance, music and song in the UK and Europe. The company began with Ronnie del Barrio in charge of the creative and artistic side supported by other founding members to whom credits are also due namely: Gloria Bognot, Rose Carlos, Bong Forouzan, Espie Josol, Tom and Mitzie Finney, Lito Maggay and Zeny Tiglao.

The LK Dance Company can also claim to be different from other dance companies due to the diversity and unique blend of its members coming from different cultural backgrounds and age bands. With a few exceptions, all the members (there are 45) have had no formal training in dance. The members' infectious performances clearly demonstrate passion, commitment and willingness to learn.

Starting as a small informal group of people, LK has become a professional dance company currently with 5 professional artists leading 40 dancers and musicians from the community. LK boasts 10 alumni members in the span of 15 successful years.

The company's reputation for quality, authenticity, and innovation has led to wide acclaim for performances all over the UK and continental Europe.