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  Basque Folk Ensemble Alkartasunako Dantzari Ohiak

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This Basque Folk Dance Ensemble "ALKARTASUNAKO DANTZARI OHIAK" was founded in 1999. The group consists of dancers and musicians who come from Gipuzkoa (Donostia - San Sebastian capital city), the Basque Country territory bordering on the north with the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean).

The musical instruments they play during their performances are wind ones like accordion, txistu (four holed flute held and played by the left hand), xirula (a miniature txistu), dultzaina (nine-hole, end-blown flute with a bell bottom, played with both hands) and alboka (made from the horns of oxen), percussion ones like txalaparta (two thick wood staffs), pandero (tambourine), atabala or danbolina (small drum), and string ones like violin.
Folk dances repertory includes Ikurrinari (welcoming with Basque flag), aurresku (homage or welcome dance to relevant people), ezpata dantza (sword-dance), makil dantza (sticks dance), uztai txiki dantza (small arcs dance), different group and couple dances that originate from the rest of the Basque regions of Navarre, Bizkaia, Lapurdi or Behenafarroa.