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  Istanbul Kafkas Dance Company

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Our company started to studies in 1990, in İstanbul.  The repertoire  of İstanbul Kafkas Dance Company is not selected from one speficic region of Caucasus. Rather then that the repertoire is carefuly constructed from all regions of Caucasus. The company became an association in 1993 and joined to Folk Dancing Federation in 2005 and reached to “club” status.


Today our repertoire consists of more than 40 dances. In our concerts which lasts about 1.5–2 hours ve can present only 12–15 dances from this repertoire



Since 19 years, our company has performed concerts every year, joined TV shows and festivals. We have 60 dancers and we keep on adding new dancers to  our establishment from our sub-group. We carry on our trainings with an amateur soul but with a professional perspective.


Every year, our company performed concerts on the most prestigious stages of İstanbul and make tours to join festivals in Europe and in the far east.




What distinguishes us from the other Caucasus Dance Companies is that we perform many dances from all regions of Caucasus.  In our repertoire which is collected by including figures and dances which reflects the characteristics of the regions of Caucasus like Georgia,Azerbaijan, Adige, Ossete, Kabartey, Chechen, Dagestan, we have the dances like Partsa, Horumi, Svanuri, Kevsuruli, Acaruli, Davluri, Lakuri, Simd, Nari Nari Apsuva, Teperuj, Yallı, Chechen, Maral, Ceyran, Çobanlar. Our main goal is mainly to show the sensational, emotional and rapid dances of Caucasus region with a new theme and choreography so that we will be able to introduce the Caucasus culture in not only in our homeland but also in other countries.

The organizations that our company

                                                       contributed since 2000


The organizations that we presented Turkey abroad:

2001 January:                Singapore          Celebration of Turkish week

2001 March:                  Korea              Celebration of Turkish week

2005 July:                   Japan              EXPO 2005 Fair with Janissary band of Ministry of Culture

2005 October:                Macedonia          Presentation of Turkey with special will of Kadıköy Public   

Education Directorship Organizations in Turkey…


Every year, our company performed concerts on many stages of İstanbul. Also we contributed many seminars, fairs, presentations, celebrations. We are working for years in order to be better  and better. We tried to enrich performance, dances, costumes and our repertoire. We have a teasm of 60 dancers and 10 musicians.

Our aim…

 Our aim for this season is to create a substructure which can represent out country in organizations in our homeland and abroad by finding sponsors.


What we have done for many years is a mirror of what we can do in the future.  We are always ready to take a role in new organizations with our significant scenario, develeoped dance musics and excellent dancers.


We keep on goin with our trainings in Kadıköy Public Education Center Sports Hall.