Istanbul Dance Academy Art Club

Istanbul Dance Academy Art Club

Our Folk Dance group “İDA SANAT” (İstanbul Dance Academy Art Club), has been established in 2008. We are continuing our work of approaching folk dance from a different angle.

We continue to perform Turkish Folk Dance with original Turkish folk dance costumes, without modifying the original dance except for music and some stage arrangements. With more people joining our group, our member count continues to rise. Our group performs dances from all around Turkey.

Our group owns all the costumes needed to perform every dance, along with the music used.

Our group participates in folk dance competitions and has acquired various good ratings in said competitions. The group also has gotten invitations to various festivals worldwide and performed in said festivals.

We continue our operations with 150 members in Istanbul-Şişli.

Events and festivals being attended since its establishment in 2008


-1st-4th April 2009 – The Second Prize in the stylized branch at the folk dances competition being organized in Istanbul


1) 26th July – 1st August 2009 - International Folklore Festival in Plovdiv, BULGARIA


2) 26th June – 1st July 2010 - International Folklore Festival in Karditsa, GREECE


3) 9th January 2011  - Tourism Fair in Madrid, SPAIN


4) 12-15 May 2011 - Turkish days in Kopenhagen-DENMARK


5) 26th July – 1st August 2011  – Aigio Festival in GREECE


6) 13th- 17th August 2011 – Pirot Festival in SERBIA


7 ) 13.03.2012 İstanbul  Competition first prize


9)  25.03.2012 Elazığ Competition first prize


10) 02-03 June2012 –Turkish days in Kopenhagen-DENMARK


11) 19-28 August 2012—İnternational  folk dance festival in Poland-POZNAN


12) 06-10 July 2013 –İnternational Folk Dance festival Skopje-MACEDONIA


13) 10-15 August 2013-International Folk Dance Sremska-SERBIA


14) 02-07 July 2014 International Folk Dance Festival Piran-SLOVENIA


15) 27 july-02 August 2014  International Folk Dance Festival –Aigio GREECE


16) 09-15 December 2014  International Folk Dance Festival –Kuala Lumpur-MALAYSIA


17) 13-16 May 2015- International Folk Dance Festival- Peshtera-BULGARIA


18) 03-08 August 2015- International Folk Dance Festival- Plovdiv –BULGARIA


19) 16-20 September 2015- International Folk Dance Festival- Seoul –KOREA


20) 12-15 November 2015- Turkish days in Houston --- AMERICA


21) 03-07 July 2016 ------Naoussa-Lefkadia---GREECE


22) 22-26 September 2016---Turkish days in Washington---AMERICA

23) JULY 2017---- International folk dance festival in Volos, Patras, GREECE

24) SEPTEMBER 2017--- Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

25) 22-24 july 2018 --- International Folk Dance Festival Margonin,POLAND


President: Ahmet DOGAN


TEL: + 90532 6456210

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